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Mama Canvas Tote Bag

Mama Canvas Tote Bag

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Finally…the bag every Mama has been dreaming of!!

Fit all the kids items for the day or a special outing in its outer pockets, plus your own items in the large middle pocket. Works great as an organized hospital bag or just as a fashionable way to not use the traditional backpack too!


With 6 pockets on the inside, this canvas tote is a classy way to stay organized with all your mom and kid gear! A generous opening in the middle is perfect for bigger items while the smaller pockets can hold diapers, wipes, keys, phones, wallet, snacks, bibs, toys, etc. No more reaching into the deep abyss backpack!!!


Large beach size tote measuring 22 inches wide by 11.5 inches tall.


Can machine wash it cold but it may shrink a little bit. Recommend air drying only.

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